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A Golden Argan Oil. Unique vegetable oil with magic effects on skin, hair and nails.

This gift of nature is very rich on polyunsaturated fatty acids with high level of linoleic and oleic acids. Argan oil is a source of bioactives such as phytosterols and tocopherols. It has a boosting effect to balance and regenerate vivacity of cells.

This pure oil is extracted from one of the endemic trees in Nord Africa named Argania Spinosa, it was used and experienced during many generations to balance the moisture of the skin and protect it against radicals, to regenerate the skin and reduce its aging. Applied to hair and nails, this magic oil has spectucular effect in protection, nourishing and shinning.

Golden Argan Oil - 30 ml

SKU: 307-30
د.م.54.00 Regular Price
د.م.48.60Sale Price
Size: 30 ml
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