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Welcome to Argania Cosmetic

Argania Cosmetic : inspired by nature 

Welcome to Argania Cosmetic!
Our company is dedicated to innovative cosmetics based natural actives. 
We believe that natural cosmetics are first of all a matter of science and love of nature.
Our aim is to deliver best products and ingredients we have tested.
Argania Spinosa tree is a special gift of nature! We named our company "Argania Cosmetic"
to be inspired by nature in all our actions,
to be generous
and to be in total symbiosis with our environment.

Argania Cosmetic is science based company, so we will be continually developing  new products with new actives and improved properties. Our R&D projects are focused on new products for hygiene and safety care, skin and hair care. We devote half of our team working time to develop and test new natural actives.
Argania Cosmetic works with professionals and with final users. We deliver ready made products to our final clients and we work with professionals under BtoB agreements.
At Argania Cosmetic our main drivers are: integrity, good achievements, transparency and sustainability. 

Marble Surface
Our commitments

From 2020, all of us had experienced special and challenging time under the pandemic circumstances.
kids or adults, mans and women; our ways to enjoy life were deeply impacted.
We all experienced the power of nature, the power of science and the power of solidarity. 

At Argania Cosmetic, we had made 4 commitments that will guide our activities for the future.
Commitment 1.
Devoting our R&D works for the development and production of  100% natural skin and hair care products.
Commitment 2. 
Developing new products for hygiene and safety.

Commitment 3.
Making the right decisions to lower impacts on the environment and to adopt sustainable approaches.

Commitment 4.
Being active to improve solidarity when sourcing our ingredients and when delivering our products.

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