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Welcome to Argania Cosmetic!

Our company is dedicated to Argan Oil and natural actives. 

We believe that natural cosmetics are first of all a matter of science and love of nature.

Our aim is to deliver best products and ingredients we have tested.

Argan oil is a special vegetable oil, it is a golden oil! We deliver our clients pure Argan oil just when it is tested by our chemists. 

Argan Oil has its special and unique Fatty Acids composition, so without checking the composition, there is no possibility to speculate about the oil nature and quality.

Argania Cosmetic is science based company, so we will be continually adding new products. Our R&D projects are focussed on new products for both skin and hair care. We devote half of our team working time to develop and produce new natural actives.

Argania Cosmetic works with professionals and with final users. We deliver ready made products to our final clients and we work with professionals as natural ingredients supplier.

At Argania Cosmetic our main drivers are: integrity, good achievements, transparency and sustainability. 


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